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Here Be Dragons.
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United States
My name is Rebecca and I live in Texas.
I currently work at the Fort Worth Zoo at the attractions (Carousel, Play Barn, Texas Hall of Wonders, Train, etc). I also do Volunteer work out at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge and I care for the animal ambassadors there.
I am steadily learning more about the animals that I love so that I can help protect those that are out in the wild and also fight against animal cruelty, including fighting against Sea World and other marine animal parks.

I am being taught by my dad on how to take good pictures. The pictures I have now are okay, but I'm always striving to do better. Even the best pictures I have are replaced by newer pictures that are better than they are.

I also do some writing, though it's not that great. I have over 40 characters. I tend to make them on games since I'm really bad at drawing. The games that I play are not mine and neither is the artwork that is put into them.

My tumblr:

My Facebook page:

All pictures/art in my gallery are mine, unless stated otherwise on the actual picture. The pictures of me are my dad's. Do not use any of the pictures in my gallery. Depending on the pic, I may or may not let you use them.
Stole this from :iconpainterraven:

[x] I worship different God to the God worshiped in Christianity. (Goddess not God)

[] I believe in some form of magic or sorcery.
[x] I'm Homosexual/Bisexual etc. 
[] I'm non-binary gender. 
[x] I've told lies or been dishonest.
[x] I've sworn at/ignored/rebelled against my parents. 
[] I've been drunk.
[x] I've had sexual fantasies. 
[x] I've worn gold.
[] I've mislead/manipulated someone. 
[x] I've worn polyester or any other fabric blend. 
[x] I have/plan to get a tattoo. (I want a tattoo, but I'm afraid of needles and I'm highly sensitive to pain, so I'll just get a henna tattoo eventually)
[x] I've masturbated/pulled out during sex/spat after oral. 
[] I've eaten shellfish. 
[x] I've eaten pork. 
[] I've read and believe horoscopes and other forms of fortune telling.
[] I've had a divorce. (never been married)
[] I've had sex before marriage. (again, never been married and a virgin)
[] I've cheated on my partner.
[x] I've had evil/violent thoughts or imaginations. (I have anger issues)
[x] I've been or am depressed or anxious. (I suffer from both depression and anxiety)
[x] I've self-harmed. (I have a skin picking disorder, so I don't count that. However, I have mentally self harmed, so I do count that)
[x] I've got little to no fear of God. 
[x] I have disdain for God's law and word. 
[x] I never pray. 
[x] I believe abortion should be a legal option. (only if the victim was raped)
[ ] I'm infertile/sterile. (Don't know)
[x] I'm stubborn. 
[x] I've used sarcasm. 
[/] I can be hateful to others. (Only in my thoughts)
[x] I idolize something/someone other than God. (Mother Nature)
[x] I've stolen something. 
[x] I've flirted with someone. 
[x] I've been suicidal. (had suicidal thoughts throughout the year last year)
[x]  I'm baptized and do not believe in Jesus/not baptized at all.
[x]  I've ingested blood.
[x] I've put my own cares before God. 
[] I've accepted a bribe. 
[x] I do not go to church.
[x] I've boasted of my achievements. 
[] I've threatened someone. 
[] I've dressed indecently. 
[x] I've felt pride. 
[x] I've felt lust. 
[x] I've been envious. 
[x] I've been a glutton. 
[] I've been greedy. 
[x] I've felt wrath. 
[x] I've been lazy. 

Total: 36/50

1-10   = Everyone makes mistakes, confess and you'll be welcomed into Gods Kingdom.
11-20 = You're a sinner, but you can still be saved by confessing those sins.
21-30 = Confess now and beg savior! 
31-40 = You're going to hell.
41-50 = You're the Anti Christ 
  • Listening to: Meltdown by Rin Kagamine
  • Playing: Omega Ruby

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